How to use your Groupon 

Thank you for buying our Groupon. Please note, you may only purchase classes with a Groupon if you have not been an active client at Studio Core Pilates for at least 6 month. If you are a current client you may recieve a refund from Groupon or you may give your Groupon to a friend who is not a client to use. 


How to get Signed up...

Click the link below to be connected to our Mindbody scheduler. After reviewing our schedule select the class you wish to register for by clicking the "Sign Up Now" tab. You may chose ANY class on our schedule with availability.  Next you will be asked to create a account. Next click the "Make a Single Reservation" Tab. Next you will be asked to select a membership series. Click on the GROUPON offer you purchased from GROUPON. Then follow the prompts to complete the checkout process. Please remember to bring your Groupon Voucher with you to class. Without it we cannot redeem your purchase. To save time you may also email a picure of your GROUPON to


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Please note we do not level our classes. We do not feel leveling classes is necessary or helpful for our clients. Every exercise or series performed starts very basic (level 1) and slowly builds in difficulty (to a level 4). We encourage our clients to only progress as their ability can handle. More advanced or experienced clients may choose to try the more difficult variations while the newer clients can stick with the more basic variations. These variations and progressions are clearly identified in every class. We want everyone to feel challenged and safe!







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